Android Remote Play

Does anyone use the Xbox android app for remote play and is it smooth or laggy? I’m an iOS user and with Amazon Prime day coming up next month I think we will see some big sales on their fire tablet. It’s really easy to throw those into developer mode and load Play store so I figure either on prime day or a kohl’s sale I could get one for less than $75. Wondering if anyone things it is worth it? I have an original Xbox one, but it’s downstairs and having ability to play upstairs for $75 seems like a decent idea to me. Thoughts?

I can give it a try. Have not done it yet since I am Working form home and my Xbox is in the same room.

Really depends on how your Wi-Fi is. It can ebb and flow when it comes to performance.

So i played a bit of Forza Horizon 4 on my Pixel 4 while on cellular, It was smooth for the most part, but there was some delay with input. Would i use it all the time, probably not but it would hold me over while i am not at home.