Any one else excited for the Harry Poter rpg

I cant wait i liked all the movies and have been waiting for a game like this

I’m so conflicted with this. Like it’s what I’ve always wanted from the HP IP since I was a little kid but… the money would be supporting that transphobic piece of trash. Gonna have to do some serious soul searching before this comes out. Maybe I’ll save my rewards points until I have enough to get it through their program so it’s not like I’m giving her my money

Yeah that’s true I don’t really pay much attention to JK Rowling it would have been nice if they could have just got rid of her and still did the game

buy it preowned? that way you won’t be directly supporting her as the money will all go to the retail store. Or are you all digital?

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That’s a good idea @GenerationXboxHayden. If I don’t get it with Xbox Rewards credit I’ll for sure get it used from somewhere

Awesome, that’s what I’ll be doing for sure :+1:t2: