Anyone play the new Watchdogs

I just bought it i hate how slow my xbox downloads games

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My Xbox downloads pretty fast. My Ps4 on the other hand, even wired is slower than my switch. I also do have 1 Gigabit through Xfinity.

I bought it this morning too. It hasn’t unlocked for play yet

My playstation is way faster then my xbox both wired

I just changed my location to New Zealand I just started playing now

Sony may have a Data Center closer to you. But in my experience, PlayStation Servers in the North East are slow as heck.

Oh yeah I definitely know I’m the outlier in the situation most people the Xbox downloads way faster but for some reason my Xbox download so fucking slow

been playing it since last night, got a code sent over really late yesterday but had a little play around. Not sure how I feel yet though

I played all day yesterday i love it

I will say one thing about Watchdogs I constantly drive on incoming traffic fucking England and driving on the wrong side of a goddamn Road

LOL I just set it to auto-drive. I do something else while going to the destination

I’ve been loving driving in the UK, feels like home haha

I am really enjoying Watch Dogs. I think i have like 20 people in my team atm. I just find people with cool skills and recruit them.