Destiny 2 Generation Xbox Clan?

Hey friends, with Destiny 2s Beyond Light expansion on the horizon I was wondering if there was a Generation Xbox Destiny clan that we could join or start up. I’m super excited about the new content coming and would love to have a consistent group to play with :slight_smile:

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Id be down to play Destiny 2 but i dont even know what light level im at and haven’t played in a long time

No plans to play myself, but others on the team may!

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I’d be willing to help you level @KcWright :slight_smile: it’s not that hard to hit 1000 now
And @GenerationXboxJames that’s cool :slight_smile:

Ok id be down to play I’m off Sundays and Mondays I get home usually around 4pm et on work days

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Never played on Xbox (used to play o ps a lot) but been wanting to get back into it, I can play now it’s on gamepass! Would love to team up with yous

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@KcWright awesome I have Sunday Monday off too!!!

@GenerationXboxHayden yes! Praise game pass xD we have our first Generation Xbox fireteam. Hope to play with you guys soon and I hope even more of us join in :slight_smile:

Ive never played on Xbox either ive played on ps4 im hoping i can transfer my characters but im not sure if you can

I think and don’t quote me on this, I think Destiny 2 has cross progression

I should be able to hop in on one of those days every week, probably plenty of weeknights too (just depends on whether I stick with uni or not, big personal decisions haha)

Schools important it gives you a head start when looking for employment

There is cross save for all platforms, just checked. And yes try to stay in school @GenerationXboxHayden I am your gaming mother now and recommend you finish your schoolwork everyday before engaging in any vanguard operations xD

Lol thanks for the advice guys😂 my heart just isn’t in it so I’m thinking I’ll take time out to get my head straight and improve my mental health and then jump back in if I find something that’s better for me. Just a bit fed up with the education system after so long

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Yeah mental health is important it is even more important to find something you enjoy doing you don’t want to go to school for years and then get out start working in something you don’t love


And cross save is great! I remember hopping out at a pretty high light level but I imagine that’s all changed now haha

The cross save is real easy to setup my titan is at 872 my hunter and warlock are both at 750

Plus I got a bunch of achievements for what I did on the PlayStation

That’s awesome @KcWright :slight_smile: I’ll help you level up some Sunday, I look forward to playing with you

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@GenerationXboxHayden my gamertag is CryptEmpress also, add me and we can play sometime :slight_smile:

Im still down for today

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