Destiny 2 next-gen upgrade is coming on December 8


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THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! I’m so excited to play Destiny in the next generation

Speaking of… are you still playing destiny 2 and looking for other players? I never got round to hopping on with you but I’m really wanting to start playing it again @CryptEmpress

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@GenerationXboxHayden of course! I’m always looking for new friends to play with :slight_smile: add me on Xbox and we’ll play sometime, I’m off work tomorrow and Saturday

@CryptEmpress when are you off next week? Might be better to plan a bit in advance because of time zone differences

I have Friday and Saturdays off work @GenerationXboxHayden, I’m also free every morning from around 7-10 EST, Fri and Sat I’m free all day and night just send me a time that’s good for you :slight_smile:

Maybe Ill pick Destiny back up again. Have not played since a month after D2 launch.

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@DaSpwn you should definitely give it another try! I’ll help you out if you wanna join up with me sometime :slight_smile:

Ill play Saturday with you guys

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Alright, ill start the download on it. Gamertag is Pwn S4uc3.

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I added you @DaSpwn :slight_smile: Saturday it is friends, eyes up Guardians

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Added you Crypt, I’ll add you too @DaSpwn


Got the notification. Just a fore warning, I am on call this weekend for work, so if I disappear for no reason, that is why

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That’s fine :slight_smile: I understand work obligations

Just wanted to say thanks for hanging out with me in D2 yesterday! I had a lot of fun and felt like I made 2 new friends. @GenerationXboxHayden @DaSpwn
Here’s to more gaming sessions!

Definitely @CryptEmpress, hopefully we can do it again this weekend!

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Thanks for the invite i see how it is nobody likes me

Oh don’t be dramatic @KcWright xD you’re awesome, you just never got on that day. Maybe we all play this weekend?

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Lol i know

@CryptEmpress, @GenerationXboxHayden, Was good fun. Got to talk about all different things, had many laughs. Def want to do it again this weekend.