Did anyone actually get to Preorder an Xbox

I was at the Microsoft store at 11 didn’t get a pre order Gamestop didn’t get a pre-order Target couldn’t get a pre-order for Target I had it in my cart but my cart wouldn’t check out same thing with GameStop the Microsoft store just froze up and didn’t do shit

It’s all so crazy when I went to GameStop at 11 and ask them how many they had they said they only had 5 series x’s and 2 Series s for the store they had 80 ps5s for the store

I got one through Walmart

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I actually just pre-ordered one through Sam’s Club

I’m glad I got mine pre-ordered before Wario did this

I fought for a hour between sites before I got the notification Amazon was up and I switched to it and clicked through. Boom series X xD

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Yeah I was able to quite easily on the Microsoft store.

I could not get the xbox store to work at all

I got my from the Microsoft Store. Took about 30 mins but it went through. The sheer amount of people trying to pre-order has crippled the majority of the retail sites. Between the PS5 and Xbox S/X as well as the RTX 3000 Series launches, I am glad I do not work IT for any of the major retailers. the past two weeks had to been hell.

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I did not.

I pass on pre-orders. Gotta make sure everything is nice and kosher before I spend that kind of money.