Does anyone else really miss the Discord server

This site is fine a lot harder to send pictures and it’s just not as streamlined as Discord I personally really miss the Discord server


It for sure isn’t easier than discord :confused: this is nice for focused discussion but not great for just talking amongst ourselves

I do miss the simplicity of Discord. it was on my phone, started up when i booted my PC, so I always could keep up with what everyone was talking about. I feel like the community has crashed hard. It feels like it is just use 3 that post regularly. I feel they could have had both Discord and the forums. Heck, I have not seen Tyler or Steven post here in a while. But they did what they felt was right and the way they wanted their brand to go.


Miss y’all and the discord as well buddy. I have one that I created if you wanna hop over there. It can be our impromptu server for refugees hahaha

Send me a invite

Me too! My username is CryptEmpress#1717

I tried to do the same with making another discord but couldn’t get any old friends to join except @DaSpwn

You can put the invite link here

Yeah he said he sent me an invite but I didn’t see it

Here’s the one I made :o

here you guys go! Sorry for the delayed response! @KcWright @CryptEmpress @DaSpwn