Fan Boys are terrible

Now that its known Spider-man Miles Morales and Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West are also coming to the PS4 now its not a big deal to have cross gen games personally i still dont like it and think these games should be made for the ps5 and not just upscaled for it

Yeah I do wish both companies would commit to developing for next gen. But, I’m glad I won’t need to upgrade straight away I guess

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Yeah, and the media does not help either. Xbox go so much shit for supporting XB1 along with the Series S/X but now its great that Sony is doing it. The fanboying is lame as hell. The only positive that came out of the announcements, is i wont feel as bad for not getting my hands on a PS5 (if i cant pre-order). I can at least play Spider-man and Horizon on my Pro.