Halo Infinite Delayed until 2021

Halo Infinite is delayed, but we did get a confirmation that the Series X is launching in Novemeber.

Well this is a massively big sad :frowning:

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I think in the long run it will be for the best. Getting the XSX no matter what though!

Huge news but it’ll be for the best. Really hoping Microsoft announce some big acquisitions over the next few weeks to make up for Halo moving to 2021

I really wonder how this is going to affect their launch. For many Halo is the console buyer.

They need something big for game pass now. If they can announce some big third party titles coming to the service, suddenly Xbox seems amazing, whether they have Halo or not. If people get a few big new third party games on game pass and they can subscribe for 5-6 months to play them all or buy one game on PlayStation, Xbox could still sell well without exclusives. Risky though, and a big investment

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It’s upsetting yes but with a game as big as Halo I would rather them take their time and make it as good as possible, They only get one chance to make a good impression in the new generation and after their last two games… they need a hit

Super excited to see what they can create now that they’ve delayed. Hopefully this means that Halo will be a much better game now that they have the time to build it up even more. What do you guys think?