Just Finished Red Dead 2

Omg the epilogue sucks so much
The ending with Arthur was fantastic


Yeah the epilogue seemed… forced. But Arthur’s ending was perfect in both possible endings, which one did you get?

I helped John escape

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I always play as a good guy

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I went back for the money xD

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I still haven’t got around to playing it. It’s extremely daunting to start, even though I really want to

Of all the games I’ve played, RDR2 has the best narrative bar-none. Arthur was one of the most well developed characters I’ve ever seen in any medium.

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I loved Arthur’s story but actually think Last of Us 1 and 2 have a better narrative then RDR 2

Oh I love LoU as well. Narrtive wise, I may be with you, but I feel like Arthur has Joel and Ellie beat in terms of character development. It was awesome to see the way Arthur improves. Meanwhile in LoU2 spoilers Ellie taks a shit turn and throws away everything she loves for a shot at revenge.

I was with Ellie on that i wanted to kill that bitch even at the end i was like drown her