Look what i just got delivered

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So the new PS5 controller is a little bit bigger than the Xbox One controller. It feels real good to hold

I skipped the camera. They are useless if you don’t have the VR headset. But mine just got here as well.

Yeah I have psvr

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Did some measuring:

Elite V2 weighs 11.50oz
Xbox One (With play and Charge Kit) weighs 9.28oz
Dual Sense weighs 9.95oz
Dual Shock 4 weighs 7.72oz

I def enjoy the weight of the Dual Sense. But I still think the XB controller is better. I hate symmetrical sticks.

With that said, I hope the battery life is good with the Dual Sense. looks like it may be a pain in the ass to open it up to replace the battery. There are no screws showing.

The Elite is definitely heavier but the dual sense has a bit bigger in the handles