Playstation Five Preorders

If any of you guys signed up for the pre-order from PlayStation check your emails I got mine and it starts tomorrow at 10 Pacific time

in the UK I completely missed out. We didn’t get the playstation sign up here so it was purely dependent on retailers and they all jumped the gun and started preorders at like midnight/1am, a few hours after the showcase. Fuming when I woke up and everything was sold out

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Yeah absolutely ridiculous sony said they’d give plenty of notice they didn’t give any

yup that’s my exact thought. Absolute disgrace to be honest, they best have plenty more available between now and launch

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I hope so I’m in a Facebook group and one guy said he got five of them and he’s going to try to flip three of them it’s people like that that ruin it for everyone else

that’s so annoying! It should’ve been limited to one order per person or something like that!

I got an invite for the pre-order from Sony. I will pre-order myself in case i can’t get my hands on a Series X. I can at least have a Next gen console at launch. But man this whole PS5 pre-order debacle is fucked. Retailers need to do a limit 1 per customer/account

Did you get your PS5 @KcWright?

Yeah i got it from the playstation direct store

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Did you get one

Yup, I got one form Sony as well. grabbed another controller, but debating about canceling that one since Its only me that plays the PS.

@KcWright @DaSpwn I managed to get one too, Argos in the UK put up preorders a day later than everywhere else so I stayed up all night to get one haha


Nice im hoping its easier to get a Series X

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