Pretty quiet here?

How is everyone doing? What’s everyone playing? Anything interesting going on with anyone?

I been trying to stay positive lately. Excited for the next generation of consoles. But this year has been terrible. As far as gaming goes, I been bouncing around between Mafia, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Final Fantasy 14. I do miss the discord channel. the community seemed to be more active there. I forget this forum exists sometimes. Hope all is well with you CryptEmpress.

Yeah, if I didn’t add the forum itself to my phones home screen I wouldn’t remember either xD this year has been awful hasn’t it? Gaming has been the only good thing to come out of it to be honest. I’ve been jumping between multiple games, mostly Destiny and random single player games, finally played and beat Control and it’s expansions (fantastic game btw) And have been running through Skyrim again.

I absolutely liked Discord way more i just beat Mafia 1 Remastered it was my 1st time playing it and i absolutely loved it