Retro Rewind: Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls I will never be able to beat but I have mad respect for the title.

Not with that attitude :laughing:. It’s one of those games that once you finally get past the metaphorical wall (though a lot of walls in Dark Souls are big and boss like) things start to click into place. I thought the same thing the first time I tried and it took until Dark Souls 2 for me.

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@GenerationXboxSteven is totally right, eventually it clicks into place and is less daunting… but I admit the Souls games do terrify me :joy:

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Come with meee, and you’ll seeee
A world of jolly cooperation
and you’ll find
in due time

I can help run you through!

Bingo. The gears just gotta click once and it all makes sense.

I agreee with @GenerationXboxSteven there will be a point everything “clicks”. For me the moment was when I stopped thinking of every fight as a hack and slash pummel your opponent to death and more of a dance where you are waiting on your opponent to make the first mistake