Rumour about potential Tomb Raider as 12 files found in Marvels Avengers beta files

Taking this from the leaks and rumors gaming reddit. Thoughts on this being real?

Files reference Lara Croft, TR12 (tomb raider 12), the rope arrow and several other tomb raider related terms. Could just be reused assets however the Marvels Avengers account released a statement condemning “hacking” of game files just a day later. Interestingly it seems like previous data mining/ “hacking” of files had gone ignored until now as there has been discussion of leaked characters like Thor at areas such as r/Marvelsavengersgaming for a while.

UPDATE For those in doubt, or had heard mention that SOTR was the 12th game due to TR Anniversary, recent datamining of Shadow of the Tomb Raider files list them as tr11 files and not tr12 . So it does seem to confirm there is a new Tomb Raider in the works."

I hope so! I have always loved the Tomb Raider series… old school, TR 3 was my favorite. Of the newer ones, I like Rise of the Tomb Raider the most

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This is great news

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