Series X runs hot?

Anyone concerned about all the talk of series X running really hot

Nope, people need to realize, that to produce the power, it creates a byproduct of heat. As someone who owns a Ryzen 3900x cpu, that thing gets warm just at idle. If the Series X cooling is efficient, the heat wont matter. I think many console gamers are going to be in for a rude awaking when it comes to the next gen consoles. Between the CPU/GPU/ Power supply and now the NvME SSD, that’s 4 things that are causing heat, and NvME drives cause a lot of heat. Hence why the majority of them require a heatsink/fan on them. Also, these units are still prototypes and not the retail units. They are also not running retail software, etc. I think people are blowing it out of proportion, and I think the majority of console players have no idea about having high power PC’s in small spaces. Besides, the One X got warm to the touch, so did the PS4 PRO but now all of a sudden its an issue. Fanboys gonna fanboy.

Not at all. Pretty sure it’s just a rumor.

From what I’ve heard it’s not an issue at all. Similar to one x, youtubers have said it feels room temp