Top 4 games of this generation playable on Xbox

So @GenerationXboxTyler & @GenerationXboxSteven brought up a fun topic on the podcast, their top 4 games they consider 10/10 this gen playable on Xbox. I thought I’d start the conversation with my top 4

4:Overwatch- I think this game kicked off this generations Esports craze and with good reason, the characters were memorable, the gameplay was really fun and the story snippets were always interesting, it might have died down recently but maybe Overwatch 2 news will revitalize the fan base
3:Stardew Valley- this game took me right back to my childhood memories of playing Harvest Moon while relaxing during summer vacation but was more than a nostalgia trip with a deep and satisfying gameplay loop and a town full of secrets, a perfect game for relaxation.
2:Destiny 2- Bungies looter shooter took what was interesting in D1 and made something incredible with a easier to follow storyline, more amazingly creative equipment to collect, a story that felt at the same time incredibly dark and incredibly fun and a serious focus to community. This series started rough but I feel it may stand the test of time and go strong through even the new generation.
1: Devil May Cry 5- this game was a return to form and a reminder of why DMC is considered among the best action video game series ever created. The combos felt amazing, all three characters were full of complex combos making for SSStylish gameplay and the story was while at times over the top never felt like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Every over the top moment felt right at home and clicked in with the rest of the game

Love the Overwatch pick, although I had it on Playstation. Same with Stardew Valley (switch for me). Destiny 2 I just downloaded from XGP but haven’t got into it much yet… haven’t played any of the DMC series unfortunately.

For me the best game of the XBO generation was RDR2. Just an incredible game top to bottom. I’d also add Rise of the Tomb Raider, Borderlands 3, and Celeste.

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Metal Gear Solid V is definitely up there for me… what a game

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Gears 4, Destiny 2, Rocket League and Witcher 3

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