WWE Games -- Which Ones Should I Play?

I grew up watching wrestling and playing WWF/WWE games on the PS1 & PS2. I have played a few of the newer ones but they don’t seem to have the same appeal.

Any non-WWE 2K wrestling games anyone would recommend? What are your favorite old school titles? My favorite was Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain! (Lesnar on the cover)

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 was the GOAT of wrassling games

Definiely not 20 lol. I liked 15 a lot

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Haven’t played a wrestling game in years, what actually happened with 20? Heard they are taking a break this year? Madness

Don’t touch the last one that came out. 2K20 was garbage.

20 was a huge disappointment personally for me, they advertised it so heavily with horror content and the game shipped basically unplayable so it didn’t really matter what content they included. I started it up again the other day and it runs smoother but the bad taste is still there.

On a more positive note the new game looks amazing, we needed a more fun “arcadey” type game while they rework the main series

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My favorite wrestling games are the 64 games but if you want a good wrestling game Fire Pro World is really good not sure if its available on Xbox but its on PC and Ps4 and you can download fan made wrestlers and theres plenty wwe guys you can download